At F&G Construction, we pride ourselves on the ability to accept a large variety of commercial construction and remodeling projects. Our experience and the successful completion of literally hundreds of projects over the years have enabled F&G Construction to accept any commercial, institutional and industrial project.

The key to our approach in every project we accept is our clear understanding of the many important aspects and services that will be required for each project. Understanding the importance of these services along with how and where they will be required has allowed us to organize our company around them. We have the resources and talent to properly and professionally address each important aspect of any project we accept.

At F&G Construction, Safety is paramount on all of our projects and every team member makes ensuring a safe working environment the top priority without exceptions.

F&G Construction is the proud owner of a Ceco Metal Building distributorship. This enables us to purchase all types of pre-engineered metal buildings at wholesale prices and then pass these savings onto our clients.

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